Adult Ministries

has a Place for YOU!

Every one of us is at a different stage in life. Our goal is not to be a ministry based on age or spiritual maturity but rather on experiencing life together and learning from one another. We desire to be a multi-generational community of believers. You will find community in one of our Sunday morning Bible study groups or a mid-week discipleship course. Let us know how we can help you find your place! 

  • Life 101

    Young single adults 18 and above, developing a community of vibrant, supportive, and spiritually active disciples. Located in the Education Building Room 117

  • yOUNG fAMILIES (Adult 1 & 2) & Family Matters (Adult 3)

    Adult 1&2 - Are you newly married? Do you have young children or are you thinking about having children? This class is the class for you. We focus on seeking direction and understanding the world around us in the context of marriage and parenting. The core of teaching revolves around a variety of Biblical topics that will prepare us for the challenges and adventures life will bring. Located in Basecamp Building.

    Adult 3 - We are a couple’s class for parents of school-aged children. We focus on developing relationships with one another that facilitate caring, encouragement, support, spiritual growth, and the sharing of practical advice to assist in shaping the next generation through Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. Located in Education Building Room 113-114.

  • Journey (Adult 4)

    We are a couple’s class of parents of teens and young adults. We are involved in a practical study of God’s Word, using a curriculum of Biblically-based messages from renowned Christian authors. Our desire is to grow in our understanding of Scripture and the responsibilities of Christian Living. Located in Education Building 101.

  • SOS: Sister of Strength (Adult 4)

    Join a fabulous fellowship of encouragement and support with this multi-generational group of women where you will find a place to belong as well as Bible studies that show God’s power to turn our weaknesses into strengths and take our sorrows and turn them into joy! Located in Education Building Room 101.

  • Seekers (Adult 4)

    Composed of both couples and singles, with and without children, we range in age from our 40s to our 50s. We share an intense desire to seek Jesus, study His Word, and follow Him. Come enjoy food, coffee, and fellowship with your friends and neighbors. Located in Education Building Room 102.

  • Empty Nesters (Adult 5)

    This fun-loving group of baby boomers truly enjoy the time spent together studying, sharing, relaxing, and savoring every moment. The kids are gone. Life is good! You will find a warm welcome and genuine Christian fellowship! Located in the Parlor.

  • Treasure Hunters (Adult 6)

    We are a ladies’ class of all ages with a hunger for God’s Word. This is a Bible Study to read, understand, and apply the Scriptures through obedience as we search for God’s guidance and strive to grow spiritually and encourage others. Located in Education Building Room 112.

  • Partners “On Mission” (Adult 6)

    We are a missional-minded Bible study class of both married and single adults in our 50s and 60s focused on applying Biblical truths with diverse opportunities for application. Missions are an ongoing focus providing clothing, coats, and shoes; reading tutorials for elementary children; care boxes, and gift cards to the military; while supporting and participating in local and global missions. Located in Education Building Room 115-116.

  • Disciplers (Adult 7)

    Enjoy men’s and women’s classes in this fun group for ages ’70s to 80s. This is a deeply caring group that strives to support one another through the journey of life. Strong Bible studies bring the relevancy of the Word to the varied issues of life. Located in Education Building Room 118-119.

  • Prayer Warriors (Adult 8)

    Men, women, and couple’s classes are composed of individuals in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s; We are dedicated to the teaching and application of God’s Word. We minister to the needs of one another and enjoy fellow-shipping together including a monthly lunch outing while visiting local points of interest. These prayer warriors believe each person needs to know Jesus intimately, actively serve others, and constantly grow in the faith. Located in Choir Room.